Bonnyrigg Sports Club Folkloric School

Bonnyrigg Sports Club has proudly supported the folkloric dance culture for many decades. Today, the club is proud to teach the historical folklore dances from all parts of Serbia to nearly 300 next generation Australian-Serbians aged from 4 to 25 years.

A culturally significant demonstration of Serbian history and culture, the Bonnyrigg Sports Club Folkloric School continues to grow and evolve each year. Our esteemed choreographer leads a troupe of 10 groups to represent the club nationally and internationally.

Folkloric School Fees:
$40 per month / $480 per year if paid monthly
$400 per year if paid in full before end of March of the calendar year. Only applies from Jan of the new year
$10 registration fee

Current Groups:

  • Car Lazar
  • Ravna Gora
  • Kolibri
  • Mladi Cetnici
  • Karadjordje
  • Hajduk Veljko
  • Carica Milica
  • Poletarac

PLEASE NOTE: No children are to be left unattended at the club for practice. All children must be accompanied by an adult or parent.

The School is currently taking new registrations. If you are you interested in enrolling in the future please contact the club on 02 9823 5224 or register your interest here:

* = Mandatory


Child 1

Child 2

Child 3

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